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One way or another we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life, and dedicate ourselves to that. This underlining well known principle awakened our inner conscience, and determined our path of life, to become a voice of those who remain unheard. This is a brainchild concept of the of Founder President Mr. Rohan Pushottam Shetty and his enthusiastic wings of volunteers from distinctive professions to fly at peak, which gave rise to an organization named ‘Youth-The power to change’ in the year 2013. With a serene thought of humanity in its very soul, Youth came into existence and brought under one roof, many youngsters from uncommon areas of work, irrespective of their professions and background for one good cause. Right from the journey of its inception to what it is today, Youth has always strived to become an eye of those who cannot see; to become an ear of those who cannot hear;  and to become a voice of those who cannot raise their own, with an ultimate line up of youth development, their education & passion. 

The cognizance of the work done by Youth- TPTC, got day by day noticed by the society at large. Some of the handpicked illustrations of what youth has done include organizing few street plays on women safety, psychology sessions in various schools and colleges.  It also includes certain initiatives like Traffic awareness drive & cultural events.

It is said that when god gives us an opportunity to take birth on this earth as a human being, it also gives us a responsible thought of giving back to the society what we owe them, and one of it is to show humanity whenever anyone’s life is threatened or challenged by the curse of nature. With this thought, when the voice of cry & help was raised by the peoples of Kerala during the floods this year, we had tried to join hand-in-hand to contribute a hand of help by collecting clothes, food grains, medicines and sending those to the affected areas.

Their journey of work has also given a birth to an NGO named LET'S INSPIRE. This NGO works exclusively for Special children. As the name itself says it all, they are truly inspired to become a voice of all those children, who are by anyway underprivileged in the eyes of law of Nature. It’s a sole motive of inspiring these specials children’s which in a way later turns up to be our own inspiration. We undertake various activities with these special childrens like, Dahi Handi, magic shows, Raksha Bandhan, Dog Therapy, Yoga, Dandiya, Zumba Dance, performing Suryanamaskar at Dagdusheth Mandir  and many more. These activities are undertaken with a sole thought to inspire them and make them believe, that they are not different from those who are privileged by nature, but rather they are more special & competent in their very own ways.

To abide by this thought they had organized an annual gathering for such special children on 6th July in the year 2019. This gathering was titled as ‘UDAAN 2019’ where more than 150 special children had showcased their own skills which not only left us surprised by their performances,  but also left a thought of inspiration within us, and this was indeed a message for that every individuals who are blessed by nature with no disabilities. This event gave a true meaning to our NGO, Lets Inspire.

 They tried to find and reach out those special children who had won the hearts of many by their achievements in various Book of Records. We took a privilege to felicitate and honor seven such children for their achievements. The overall development and making these children stand on their own feet, is what matters us the most. We are and will forever be working towards accomplishing this mission of ours. Their motto is to work for the upliftment of the stranded children and special children. We all not only trust in the success of our generation but also of the coming generation which is the future of this country. We highly believe that maximum importance should be given to education and the personal development of each and every individual which will ultimately be responsible for the development of the society.

Streching the scope of our acitivies to the trending COVID-19 pandemic, our members have been contantly forwarding their helping hand by delivering food grains, medicines, essential items to the elderly people, disabled ones, and to all those who could not step out due to the lockdown imposed in the town. We have also distributed Ration kits to more than 400 families since 1st lockdown, our members got enrolled with their respective Police station and worked as Special Police Officers assisting the Police in maintaining peace and order. Have distributed safety Face shields to our Police brothers and sisters who are working day and night for us. Undertook Medical check up camps, also distributed natural juices, cadburies, snacks to under privileged children.

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