• Les Gazzette

By Sakshi Sharma

There have been so many times when we are compared with others for no reason. I repeat for no single appropriate reason we are compared. For instance: You lack in confidence, you don't have an appealing personality, you are dumb, you are too short, you have facial hairs, your features aren't so great, you are too emotional, etc. Moreover, there are certain traits that people point out which are of no use. Your body structure can't be changed, it will remain the same. But you can always have a fit and healthy body, little grooming and self-acceptance works wonders. Think of what can be done. Different skills add up to your personality. Go to the mirror, look selflessly, motivate yourself for the person you are. Accept your body, your face, your family, your status. Every lesson that life has taught utilize it. Many people won't believe in you, they'll only find flaws, your weaknesses. It's up to what you want to achieve. Listening to others set ideologies and living an ordinary life or testing your fears out, going behind what you wholeheartedly want to be or to have. Choice is always yours. Get into the race to improve yourself every day, make your own standard. You are enough. You are beautiful. Use your mind. Don't doubt your potential. Believe in yourself. Chase your dreams. You can fulfill what your heart wants to have. Go behind that, hustle. Nothing is impossible.  Start believing. Be focused.

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