• Les Gazzette

By Girija M. Nair

As I sat admiring my garden my thoughts wandered off to my relationships

As the flowers swayed in the wind, I realized how different they were in their own rights,

Isn’t it same as my relationship with my loved ones I thought.

What if,  I sowed the seeds of love and trust it to bloom,

What if, I nurture it just enough, so as not to crowd it,

What if, I just provide a safe space for it to be,

What if, when it blooms I accept it for what it is,

What if, I respect it and give it a safe space to open up,

What if, as it opens up, I choose to be there unconditionally without expectations,

What if, the bag of expectations begins to get heavy, can I be strong to let it go,

What if, I set my bag of judgements down and be open minded.

What if, if I start Now..………

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