• Les Gazzette

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

First, I used to wake up crying, 

Wondering where you've been, 

Terrified with the thought of, 

You with that woman and

would never return home.

I would cry a little longer, 

Never actually let anyone know, 

 Was something wrong with me? 

Kept it all inside me. 

 Till I couldn't and 

Spilled the beans to my 'Friends'. 

Some believed and some didn't 

And some just ignored. 

I couldn't really do anything for those who didn't. 

They called me a gold digger, an attention

seeker and some pitied me. 

Wasn't in good terms with my mother either. 

Didn't like her much, 

'Cause we never really bonded, 

Days turned into weeks and weeks into  months, 

I had lost a father, 

a vital piece of my life, 

The man living with us wasn't really my 

 Father. He was long dead. 

I had lost hope of going to cinemas or 

malls or outings like we would

usually go. Some said that

I'll be okay and things would 

go back to normal. But I didn't really

believed it, how could I? 

Things haven't change since then, 

Only I have, I don't cry anymore,'

cause I don't care  anymore. 

I have surpassed the emotions that first, 

embraced and suffocated me. 

I feel empty inside, void of any emotions,

Maybe I've grown stronger? Or maybe............ 

I just don't care anymore........

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