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Les Gazzette wishes all the mothers out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Hi everyone, this is Shreshtha Sane the founder of Les Gazzette. I am so grateful to all you guys for writing to us. Its overwhelming to read all the articles. Thank you!

While choosing the theme for this week, our entire team at Les Gazzette was filled with emotions as each one of us were visiting our mothers journey with us. I hope our articles this week, will moisten your eye a little and bring smile to your face.

We are here to be your voice, so do not hesitate to speak up about how you feel and be free to write to us about anything that you want to. it is very important for the world to know what goes on in our heads.

We may not publish your story immediately due to deadline issues or technical challenges. But keep a watch on this space, right here, you will be featured soon on LES GAZZETTE!

Like i said before we are here for you guys.

Les Gazzette is for the teenagers and by the teenagers!!

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