• Les Gazzette

By Arshia Franklin

We ended so fast,

But now it’s just our past,

Who knew that we wouldn’t last?

They said move on, but how?

You were my best friend,

And look at us now.

We knew eachother since years,

Looking at our pictures, going through our chats,

Now, just gets tears.

Thought we had eachother’s back,

I was always there for you,

Don’t know where i lacked.

You were my soulmate,

I loved you with all my heart,

But now there’s just hate.

The bond that we shared,

The trust that we had,

Made me believe you always cared.

All you do is pretend,

You say we were just a phase,

How? I don’t comprehend.

I never thought of losing you,

The problems weren’t new,

All that mattered was i had you.

How is it so easy for you to forget?

All that we had,

Without any regret.

Guess this is what life is,

People come and go.

What matters is,

You need to learn to let go.

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