• Les Gazzette

By Tiya Parmar

From the Beachside I Saw...

The seed is the fruit

And the fruit is the nut

So it is with coconuts.

And though it's not a book

Don't judge it by its cover

'Cause, the inside

Tells a different story

(Like most people)

Encased in the brown, fibrous shell

The soft, white flesh

Of paradise

And the salty water

Morphed into nectar;

An Invigorating delight.

Milk and oils and curries and coladas-

Delectable delicacies,

Fruitful remedies-

From the fruit of the wealthy tree.

Its leaves for shelter,wood for warmth,

Husk and shell for some classy pomp;

Someone named it duly-

The tree of a thousand uses.

Poojas, aartis,

Weddings, inaugurations,

All pious ceremonies

Entail this seed.

Resonant metaphors

And endless symbols,

Its so much more than just a belief-

Shatter it,

To annihilate the ego,

Destroy the dark mind.

Make way for clarity,

A purified mind.

Plant the fruit

To get the seed,

Sow the seed

And get the fruit.

Same old cycle born anew. 

And no matter what you see

What you get

Is a whole different story.

This is in celebration of the wonderful coconuts. Happy World Coconut Day, guys!!(I know it's celebrated on 2nd, still..one can never be too late).


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