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By Renu Sane The deadly 2020 if I may say. From #covid19 to #amphan and now the big news of #Uttarakhandforestburning. Some mishap filled year!!  While we were all just feeling sorry and the anxiety was on a rise on how to tackle another mishap, the honourable CM Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat has announced on twitter that the images being circulated on social media are false. And this year the Uttarakhand fire is much less in comparison to the previous years  https://twitter.com/tsrawatbjp "A misleading propaganda, using old pics of forest fires of 2016 & 2019 & that of forest fires in Chilean & Chinese forests, is raging on SM [social media]," #Rawat said in his tweet. "I req [request] everyone to not believe such motivated campaign. Fire incidents reported until yesterday is way less than PY."

Forest fires are common in #Uttarakhand, which is what probably led to many falling prey to the false news and pictures being circulated. The #forest fire season ranges from #march to #may peaking in #april 2016 saw the most devastating fire incident.  In a different tweet, IFS Association Uttarakhand said that there have been "very less fire incidences" this year.

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