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By Mehek Shaikh

People say, life is unpredictable. And almost all of us would agree to this. Today you might be struggling and tomorrow you might be successful. And it also goes the other way round. Most of us take our lives for granted. We rant and complain about every little inconvenience that we face. We complain about the relationships we have. We complain about not having all the luxuries. But do we ever stop and think about the people who have nothing? Do we think about the families who work day in and day out just so they can have one meal a day? Do we ever think about the ones who didn't get a chance to live?

The answer is NO. No, we don't see all of this. We just run after what we don't have. We think about giving up the moment anything goes wrong. Suicidal thoughts keep crossing our mind. We keep saying, "I'm done with life" and "I hate my life" and "FML". We are so used to focusing on the bad parts that we have forgotten how to LIVE. We are afraid of change. And when we undergo the slightest bit of change, we feel like our life isn't worth living. Life is like the weather. It keeps changing. And what do we do when the weather changes? WE DRESS ACCORDINGLY.

We don't waste time wishing for better weather because we know it'll be back soon. And this is life. When it changes unpredictably, we accept the change, think positively and just keep living it. Life is very unpredictable that's why we must be open to change. It may not always work in you favour and that's fine. Everything will eventually fall into place. You don't know what's coming and you can't change what's gone. So all you have is NOW.

Live in the moment and make the most out of it. Live like you have no tomorrow. Love the people around you. Do the silly things you've always wanted to. Tell her you like her. Spend time with your friends. Express your love to your parents. Work hard to achieve your goals. Forgive people. Live your dreams. Live your life. Because there's nothing you can do once its gone.

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