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By Shreshtha Sane

It is possible to express your own style even if u have to wear a school uniform. Here’s how to do it without risking a detention

  • · Find out about your school’s policy and check it thoroughly for any loopholes. To check how much you’ll be able to customize your uniform depends on how strict your school is. Don’t go too far and risk detention!

  • · Most of the school don’t insist you wear a particular size or length – within reason. For instance, if you like loose clothes then opt for a blazer in slightly larger so it hangs in boggy style.

  • · If you have wear a tie, think about how you’ll wear it – perhaps, you’d prefer it long with a thin knot or maybe short with a fat knot. Experiment

  • · Check out sales of second-hand school uniforms mostly schools have them yearly. Designs of your school uniforms subtly change over the years and you might prefer the vintage style of a second-hand item to the new ones currently in the shop.

  • · Investigate which items you’re allowed to choose for yourself and then really express your taste with them for instance, backpacks can be transformed with a cultch of decorative key rings, shoes can be updated by adding coloured laces and a new hairstyle can be creative with different clips and grips

  • · If your school only insists that you wear certain colours rather than specific items of clothing, you’re really in luck. You’ll be able to experiment with a wide variety of great styles while sticking to colour rule.

  • · Get to know when your teachers are mostly likely to enforce uniform rules. For instance, it may be fine to look a bit more casual at break time so long as you smarten up for assembly.

· Remember – It’s definitely your personality, not what you wear, really matters.

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