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By Shreshtha Sane

There is something about goa that one cannot describe in words...something so different that the moment you land in goa you seem to have left everything behind.

Welcome to a land that was ruled by portugese for 450 years and hence comes from there the Goan culture, cuisine, and architecture. we will be ever greatful to the great indian army who fought a 36 hour long battle to win this beauty.

breathtakingly beautiful goa has my heart, soul, my happy place

“Looking at all the beauty in the world is the first step towards purifying your mind”

1. COLA; not sure how many have had the pleasure of visiting this hidden beach in the south of goa. the way to cola is a little scary. the roads are narrow and as far as your eyes go you can see red mud. for me i actually felt i am in a movie on an adventure trip. thank god we were 4 of us and chose to drive and not take a ride on a two wheeler.

But the moment you set your eyes on the beach its a different world.

The beach does not have too many people visiting it. its not only clean but a long stretch of blue water with white sand. the beauty doesn't end there. its surrounded with palm on all sides. some shacks and some stay in tents and houses overlooking this beauty beach. but n the midst of all this is a lagoon.......... breathtaking!!!

with places to stay and a lovely shack this is a place i would want to keep going to

2. sundowner at palolem beach.

Any south goa lovers would know palolem for sure. a stretch of white sand with colorful shacks. but what actually took my heart away was a nice open restaurant(if i may call it so) THE SUNDOWNERS. THIS SOUL stirring place to the north of palolem beach is right next to the monkey island.

How does one describe something thats so unique and rare. sundowner is exactly that. an absolute casual sitout across the restaurant that has 2 bars. a lot of sitouts facing the rocky beach.

sunset, chilled beer, pipping hot pizza and a breathtaking sunset. Sheer bliss isn't it. No bigger stress buster than this. the couple who run this beautiful place ritika and kim have done a fantabulous job at this. Doesnt matter whta you mood is sundowner is ready to cater to your needs whether its a quiet me time that you are looking at or a nice romantic ger away with your love or a party with friends. its all manged right here for you.

3. vegator village- That's what I would call it for now.

of course we accidentally landed here. headed from pune to the south of goa. we got delayed and thought this would be a stop over to our journey that would be continued the next day. Me and the better half are both early risers and before the gang got up we sneaked out not having any expectation but just a cup of tea.

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