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By Mehek Shaikh

For those who are wondering what 'YouTube vs Tiktok' is.....A few weeks ago Amir Siddique, a tiktok influencer, posted a video in which he tried to roast the Indian YouTubers. As a reaction to that video, Indian YouTuber, Carryminati, posted a roast video on his channel in which he bashed the tiktok star. And this is how the YouTube vs Tiktok war started.

Tiktok users have always been trolled but after the 'outbreak of this war', the trolling has become worse. I personally agree that a part of the content on tiktok is super cringy but that doesn't give us the rights to publicly humiliate them. After all, its their life. Moreover, their account! I think they can post anything unless and until they aren't violating any of the app guidelines. Same goes with YouTube. According to me, the language that Carry used in his video was a bit offensive but everyone has the right to post whatever they want. And Carryminati is know for his roast videos! So, I feel, if Carry's video was taken down for 'defaming' and 'directly attacking someone' even Amir's video should've been taken down as what he said was offensive too. Also, Carry apologized whereas Amir did not. 

Tiktok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking site. And with all the rumours about China, that they started the corona virus on purpose, people are adamant to boycott all Chinese products and apps. Due to this, the Tiktok ratings drastically dropped. 

Its not the app that's wrong. Its the people who post wrong videos. The app shouldn't be shut. Those videos should be taken down. And its not just Tiktok. All the social networking platforms have a few videos that are inappropriate. And we can't blame each and every person using that app for the inappropriate content on it. 

In India, the guys who use Tiktok and make Tiktok videos are called 'BETI'. And I don't understand what makes them say that. Do they mean, girls can dance and act but boys can't?! Why is it that boys are always told to 'man up'? Why is it that boys can use apps like PUBG but not TIKTOK? Its a taboo that we all need to overcome. We are living in the 21st century and we need to keep up with the changes in our society. Bullying someone just because they're doing what they like is ridiculous! Tiktok is something that is normal and needs to be normalized! People think 10 times before posting a video that has the tiktok watermark on it. And its just stupid! Purposely giving bad ratings to an app without even downloading it is not right.

Also, to all the tiktokers out there...you guys have nothing to be ashamed of! You're doing what you like and don't let anyone tell you that its wrong (unless it is). And if someone roasts you, please take it sportingly because there's no one in this world who has not been trolled or roasted! But we all should know that there's a thin line between roasting and bullying that we shouldn't cross. 

I'm not taking any sides here. I honestly love Carryminati's content and the tiktok vs YouTube video as well. He is known for his roast videos and surely he didnt cross the line. But I'm just not ok with  people being bullied and shamed for doing what they like on any social platform! 

This is not just about YouTube or Tiktok...its more than that. Its about bullying and defaming and  shit-talking. And it NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

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