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By Arshia Franklin

It’s been a while, all of us are missing those things which once we had taken for granted.

In the month of march we thought that we’ll get through this pandemic within a month or two max, but now it’s been four months and we’re still stuck at home due to the increase in positive cases on daily basis.

It’s like the earth has pressed the reset button.

Even after corona will be eradicated, the world,our lives won’t be the same like it was prior to the spread of it.

We now have time to re-evaluate our lives, what we truly desire and how we would like to move forward.

The world has changed dynamically in just two months and while it is important to acknowledge the impact that it is having, it is equally important to recognise the gift of ‘time’ that we are being given. Since many years people have been living a rushed, busy, exhausting life with the aim of succeeding in their lives. One of the most common complaints was, “if only i had more time....”

Covid-19 has unexpectedly changed everyone’s lives and the pace at which the world is moving is very slow socially and it has now made everyone accept the slow down and take a pause to reconsider what really matters and how can every individual change their lives.

As we all know that “Life is short, time is fast, no replay, no rewind, so enjoy every moment as it comes.” So the time that we’re spending at home everyday day ,for months now, these days won’t come again. It’s a lifetime experience and we need to be grateful for it.

Because once the earth plays the play button again, will you be satisfied with what you’ve done during the lockdown period and how mentally,emotionally,spiritually you’ve grown and will you be a better person as compared to how you were before this lockdown.

This has definitely taught us that we need to be grateful for whatever we have right now(even during this pandemic), and just feel fortunate and blessed. So let’s just live in the moment and be thankful enough because once we start getting back to our normal routine it’s going to be like we’ve been gifted a second life.

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond.

That’s where your power is

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