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By Sushmita Senapati

Hi ,this is Sushmita , a twelve year old to share a small incident of life.I had a lack of confidence even to come in this daily magazine which i love and talk about my incident between all these teens and me not even being an actual teen (a "kid" you might say) . I hear a lot of stories about a serious lack of confidence and how to get lut of this and what not , some topics about which i heard these stories where ; a lack of confidence in - their love lives , their educational lives and your appearance. 

This is a small story about a lack of confidence in appearance.  Yes , nine year old me also had a lack of confidence , maybe a lot of kids will relate too. 

So, I was in class 4 (nine years old) and was very famous in my school. So there was this normal school day and my principal wanted to have a talk with me and several students . I went there and she told me I had to talk a bit about how our school has actually implemented the less amount of books in our bags as we used to complain how our shoulders hurt with the heavy load. It was very normal because i also did some previous talks to the news people when they used to call me. Then i did the talk part , after that they came into our class and told me and some others to check the weight of the bags and us seprately  so that they could compare.

Then there was this moment i weighed my bag , then i stood on the weighing machine . The news person then told another person from their crew "35 kg9s to 2 kgs" ( 2 kgs here, referred to my bag's weight) I was ok for a second then a sound hit me -"ae moti (fatso)"  by some random boy classmate . Then , tears began pouring from my eyes , my teachers tried to comfort me all day as there where different teachers present at the moment because of the shooting . Then when I came back home I told my mom and sister , they did the same as my teachers did but... i was very embarrassed and couldn't come out of it and just move on . I couldn't really move on for the next couple of weeks but i gradually did so.

Then comes now , I remember my sister told me that all shapes where beautiful , though i didn't move on then after hearing that  now I really appreciate what she did. 

So guys whoever's reading this remember confidence is really important , with that I end this short story .(sorry it was very long but straight from heart)

Best wishes

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