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LockDown Lore

By Kian Sane

What a time, Oh! what a time,

All locked at home, no downtime?

No school, no studies,

No timetable..but, no buddies!!!

Gaming UP, You Tubing UP,

All are online..saying Wassup!!

Chatting and texting and calling too...

Friends and families asking how do you do?

Helping my dada with his works,

Mumma then gives me pretty good perks.

Family bonding is on the UP!!!

I wonder if I finally will get that pup.

This is all fun as long as it lasts.....

Sometimes I dream of my schools flying mast🇦🇪

I miss my cycle rides, miss my football mates,

Miss my carting and miss my skates.

Miss my school and my classroom,

Miss the lunch bell, to the cafeteria we zoom

Let's keep our spirits up!!!

Let's think of the good times.

There are things to be learned,

Which can make us WISE.

Oh!! look carefully there are some obvious SIGNS.

It's time to get healthy again,

It's time to get lucky again,

It's time to set out again,

Its time to LIVE again and score 10 on 10

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