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Live with the past

By Safeer Bhola a.k.a Mota Poet

I don’t know if you have noticed yet, but the past changes every day. You look at the same event from the past in a different way. This is basically because every day we have new data which changes the way we look at the same thing. So, if anyone tells you to forget the past,

DON’T! Because

how else would you get new learnings every day?

Now I know a lot of people say that we should detach ourselves, both emotionally and physically, from the past and move on in life. But can evolution really be detached? This detachment theory is like saying every floor of a building has to be independent of the foundation of a building. Living with the past is essential for the evolution of our emotions, ideologies, and even our physical being.

Keep your past with you, always!

No matter how much we deny, these stories from the past define us identity today. In fact, it will continue to define us in the future. So why should we leave it behind and not think about it? In fact, I make it a point to revisit my past every few weeks to understand how something from the past may have affected me today. Even in conflict situations this is me go-to place. I analyze every situation that was similar to this or when similar emotions were involved. This helps me prepare for the possible reactions that others may show or I may be pushed to portray.

Another reason why I stick to the past is that it gives me strength. It tells me that if I could survive that bad day, I can survive this one for sure. The past also helps me build emotional resilience to adverse situations. Hence, I refuse to leave my past and I urge you to do the same. Stay steady with your past and don’t leave it behind. No matter how difficult situations were, you will grow from them and always learn something new from them.

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