• Les Gazzette

Confused teenager 

So the story goes around the time I was little. Aai (that is what I call my mom) would ensure that she spends all her awakening hours around me. I am not very sure at that age if I was able to express what I was feeling or seeing or the impression I was making as a child but whatever the case is she was around. She somehow understood and I would admire her more and more wondering how did aai just know that’s what I want. Just knowing she was around was such a huge security. 

But today as a teenager aai is still around and I try to tell how I feel in a million ways sometimes through words and sometimes through action. But at times it feels as if aai is not getting the point. She is just avoiding to acknowledge what I am feeling or trying to say. 

Is it really that difficult to understand us. I thought we can see the world black and white because we don’t wear the glasses of experience. Unlike our parents and elders we don’t have the expectation of society to please. Aai are you hearing, you being around is enough....most of the times. The other times I wish you understood my silence too.  

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