• Les Gazzette

By Aiyra Baig


You’ll be sitting in a beautiful bubble of procrastination while others will

rejoice the race finishing prize.

Sitting is the new smoking. It’s an addiction which develops slowly and silently.

While sitting down all day may seem harmless, you may be surprised by the

negative impact it has on your health. You never realize its presence unless you have

foes disguised as family knocking on your front door. There is Mother Obesity,

Father Cholesterol, Brother Stroke and Sister Diabetes; who will eventually tuck you

to bed in a cosy casket for eternity even before you realize.

There are several adverse effects such as:

· Low energy expenditure

· Slower metabolism

· Compromised posture

· Back and spine injuries

· Reduced social skills

· Loneliness or depression

· Metabolic Syndrome

· Chronic Pain

………. To name a few.

Stare at a donkey long enough and it also looks beautiful. Time flies fast but goes by

faster while binge-watching three seasons straight of “Friends”, finger-licking the

last pack of fiery Cheetos, finishing the last bottle of Pinot Noir in the cellar, scrolling

through posts of people turned bakers and artists or by simply staring at the

whitewashed walls.

It doesn’t matter if you sit but whether you get up or not.    

So go clean your messy rooms, organize your wardrobe, sweep those floors, put the

clothes out to dry, hear the cuckoo sing, catch up on your Mom’s gossip, make life

long memories with your siblings, call those long-forgotten friends, read something

new, learn the unknown, reorganize, experiment, invent – EXPLORE THE NEW


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