• Les Gazzette

As we are all locked up in our houses we are trying to do and learn some new stuff. While some of us are being productive and exploring their skills some are doing nothing and that’s totally fine – like bruh it takes a lot of effort to do nothing – until you don’t go loiter outside the house, it’ fine. Online games are one of the fun ways to pass time at home. One day my mother insisted to play Ludo. I didn’t mind it cause I was quite sure I’d win. I chose blue so she had to go with green; I was cautious I didn’t give her any chance to hit me – unlike her. Whenever I hit hers and got into the safe zone, she’d be like –“That’s unfair, you can’t do that. You have to give me a chance to hit you.” While I kept laughing. I thought to myself “Such a pure evil am I.” Basically, I don’t like to lose in a game like this, so I use all the tactics and conspiracy; Thanks to Ekta Kapoor and her daily soaps. I was very close to winning while my mother still had a long distance to cover. Probably Ludo’s quite fair; Now my mother’s pawn was 4-5 steps away while mine was 1 step away. The dice would always roll to one but when you need it. Normally I should be praying to get 1 but I don’t know what just happened that I no longer wanted it to. While she was getting her last pawn towards the winning point a thought crept into my mind; I wondered how games she must have lost just to see me cheering with joy, how many times she sacrificed her sleep so that I could sleep soundly; how she relinquished her everything so that I could get all that I don’t even know if I deserve. How she always put me before her sleep, ‘me time’, career, and even her favorite food.

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