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Okay to not be okay

By Ananya Shastri

It’s okay to be not okay. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath, cut yourself some

slack. Nobody’s perfect and that’s how it was and will always be. Today’s youth feels

constant pressure. The pressure to get good grades, the pressure to follow trends, the

pressure to stand out because different is now the new normal, but even then the pressure

to not be a different different from the rest. We’ve been wired to feel the need to be perfect, if not in school then in looks, or sports or just something. Perfection is what we want,

perfection is what we seek.

On top of that our parents, they expect so much from us. They think it’s what is best for us,

they think the pressure is what we need to thrive. Yes to a certain extent it works, but once

it’s crossed the line. They’ve wired us to think it’s normal, this behaviour. So we start doing it

ourselves. We start tearing ourselves apart when we can’t reach the unrealistic expectations

we set for ourselves. We put ourselves under so much pressure because that’s what we’re

taught how to do. Our wins may be given a party, but our failures they get the whole club.

So after a while, we do it ourselves, we strive for something physically unattainable.

What I just described is a reality for many, with thoughts like this inside us it’s hard to feel on

top of the world. Forget that, it’s hard for many of us to feel great even. Okay, okay is now

what we look for. The anxiety of not attaining what we want or what we think we should

want. The depression from not achieving what you were anxious about. The stress from not

being able to handle all your daily tasks because the first two things are distracting you. You

see my point. We all just want to be okay, it’s not much we’re asking for, considering all the

expectations that older generations have for us.

But instead, they make us feel bad for feeling bad. We are shamed when sad, don’t cry they

said, crying is for the weak and emotions are bad. But why? Why is it such a crime to not be

happy but be okay with it, why do we have to live in shame and fear? It’s nothing more than

you accepting the fact that you need help. That is it. There is nothing wrong about wanting

help. It’s okay to have a few bad days. It’s okay if you’re the type of person who has a few

good days in the stream of bad ones. It’s okay if you’re stuck in the stream of bad days

you’re yet to have a good day. It’s okay not to be okay. So just close your eyes take a deep

breath. Cut yourself some slack. You’re doing the best you can. You are human, not a robot

who is coded to perfection.

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