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Rules and Regulation

By Falak Shaikh

As a growing kid, I've always been asked to fit into the defination of beauty given by the society. They said, I need to be slim and fair and flawless. They used word like 'nigro' and 'fat'. I felt I wasn't good enough. I felt like I wanted to run away where there was no one who would judge me. But then I realised that I can't change the mentality of people but what I can change is how I tackle all of the negativity. There's no need to be perfect to be accepted in the society. Why do we have to be perfect? Being yourself is more important than being perfect .

I've been self conscious since a very long time. But this is where I draw the line. This is when I say, it's enough. I can't treat myself like others do. For me to live a happy life, I need to love myself. I feel that the people who take the time to come to me and comment on my appearance recieve no love in their life. These are the people to whom we need to show what love is. Instead of giving back hate we must tackle the situation with love and sensitivity. 

There's no need to be conscious of the way you look or who you are. God has made everyone different. And our differences are the things that make us unique. Everyone's beautiful in thier own way. I refuse to feel any less about myself because of what others say. They way I look and who I am is my identity and I wouldn't want to lose it for anyone or anything in the world

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