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Mental health and support among teens.

By Sakshi Kamble

"I needed to stop". Said Hannah.

"Stop what Hannah?"Mr porter said.

"Everything.". Said  Hannah. Before she left the counselling office to kill herself.

According to recent reports, about 15% of teens suffers from mental health issues and problems that remain unspoken throughout their life.

A popular show like -13 reasons why. Shows accurately and real life problems teens have. 

Like - Sexual abuse, bullying and high school life.

"I want a airplane to take me away. Somewhere far away."Poem read by Cara delevigne in a interview when she claimed she was once in depression and wanted to end her life. According to reports she led a miserable life- her mom was bipolar, she saw extreme poverty, she was basically a girl who cried silently without being spoken. Fortunately, she didn't give up. 

She fought and told life, If life gives her thousand reasons to cry. She'll show it with thousand reasons to smile.

Similarly in life, we have troubles, we have problems , that remain unspoken. Sometimes leading to decisions that is not a option.

If your feeling depressed, need to solve issues, being bullied, think you have a mental illness.please consult a counsellor or a talk to a loved one, just don't do something that might waste your precious life. We are all here for a reason. You are too!

If you think your not worth it, nobody's for you, what about the veins and blood vessels, and your heart beating at 100 MPH only for you!

You can always get up like Cara. But should never fall like Hannah.

"Life is a lift. There are ups and downs. You can press the pause button. But make sure never to press the stop one. Because it is not a option.

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