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Things which 2020 have taught us.

By Aashish illa.

2020, a year where everyone hoped to be happy. 2020, A year that marked the beginning of a New Decade. We already completed half of our journey this year. We never hoped that a year would go like this in our lifetime. We saw a pandemic which shook the whole world. Covid-19, even though being invisible has shattered the mankind the most in recent times. Covid-19 has already claimed around half a million lives and infected more than 9.3 million people across the globe. Adding to its misery, Humans also saw natural calamities like

Earthquakes, Floods, and cyclones which caused large scale destruction. Millions of people lost jobs across the world, Global economies shattered, the world is going through a tough phase. But, there were many things which 2020 thought us. These


1) To help each other:

During this tough phase, people didn't give up even though the

governments gave up. Where the governments across the

world couldn't help, we people helped. There were people

around the globe who distributed free food, water and also provided shelter for the ones who needed it. Everyone who is reading this has already contributed or is contributing to peoples hunger and lives. Humanity has proved that Lives matter than Money.

2) Bonding with each other.

How many have you thought of a break from your routine and

go on a vacation with your family and friends? Everyone, I

guess. We didn't get a chance to go out but we were spending

time with our family indoors. We at least got a break from this

competitive world. In this break, we got time to talk and have

fun with relatives and our friends. We connected like never

before with each other. Our Relations have grown stronger than


3) Learning Life skills:

What things you learn the most when you go to a foreign

country for a living. We learn to wash our clothes and utensils,

clean our house, and majorly, everyone learns to cook. In this

time we all have learned all these things without even going to

any foreign country. Some learned willing and some were

forced to learn. Many of us have done this one thing 'posting

our videos or photos of cooking or doing some house chores.

on social media; many of us have an answer for questions like

"Do you know how to cook? or do you help your parents at


We always have to remember one thing if something is

happening wrong with us it is also teaching us something good.

Always learn from mistakes. I have never heard a Successful

person say I learned something from my success. We have to

always learn to help each other than being greedy towards

each other.

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