• Les Gazzette

By Aiyra Baig

Mom She started crying when I was born, When I grew up she said I had a horn. She loved me more than her life, She performed all her duties as a mother and wife. She trusted me at any cost, She couldn’t stand when I was lost. How could anyone love me so much? No one except her could give the motherly touch, When I was ill you let me curl in your lap. When I did something wrong you replied with a slap. You taught me how to ride, You consoled me when I cried. For my success and prosperity you always wish, Even a simple thing was made into a classic dish. When I was away, you I tremendously missed, How can I forget the goodnight’s kiss! My dreams were filled with the walking dead, You always saved me from this frightening dread. When I am low, my spirits you lift. Mom, you are the best gift! ©aiyra0903

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