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by Sakshi Kamble

We are all nowadays grumpy and and angry and less productive during lockdown. But remember Shakespeare wrote his famous book- "King Lear" during the time of plague and undoubtedly when he was too quarantined. 

This problem is especially faced by youngsters and school going children as they can't meet their friends. Here's what we can do to make this lockdown more meaningful and productive; when you have online classes and studies also-

1)Read short stories - As they are less time consuming.

2)Draw!- Even if you hate drawing, just draw something. Anything.What comes up to your mind put it down that paper. The reason is drawing helps you express your feelings and make you feel better!

3)Cut down mobile for at least an hour a day- How many times your eyes hurt and your head aches,after you spend time on your phone hours on end!

According to researchers, An average person opens his phone 30 times on a working day! You easily guess how much we must now open in this boring quarantine. Phones have radiations that can cause cancer and major things like-Migranes.

 So,reduce your phone time as it is hazardous for your health. 

4)Spend more time with your family!- this is the time where we actually need each other the most. Number one reason for slugginess and irritatibility is lack of communication and loneliness.

So go talk to your family! Laugh with them, play board games, let them recite their nostalgic old stories!

And most importantly enjoy this lockdown and stay safe! Hope it helped you.

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