• Les Gazzette

By Pariishita Nandre

She held the universe within herself and as she watched it flow out of her, she felt an emptiness replacing it.

There was a storm brewing inside of her petite body as she felt the sudden loss of herself.

Once so strong, she tried stopping it, tried drawing herself into her own body.

All she could do now was watch herself sacrifice everything and fall to the ground, weeping.

She didn’t expect this change, she didn’t want everything to end this way, this abruptly,

So she pushed out the emptiness and summoned the anger, the pain and all the hatred from the world surrounding her.

She let the sensation fill her up and she felt herself grow within her body, felt herself expand.

For the first time ever, she felt a familiarity coursing through her veins, burning her from the inside.

Perhaps she even smiled, glad for the change inside her body, the newfound strength,

And she decided to never let go of it, to never allow herself to feel that emptiness ever again.

Who would've guessed, that the girl who was once so calm, could have this fire burning within her?

Who would have thought that the once pure body could hold so much hatred in it?

Who would have known that the girl who once held the universe inside of her, would now revel in the sadness?

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