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By Shreshtha Sane

we all miss the red carpet wardrobe malfunction so here are the biggest wardrobe malfunction in the decade.

Katherine Heigl’s dress snapped — 2010

Katherine Heigl accepted the award for Female Star of the Year at ShoWest Award alongside presenter Billy Bush. Mid-speech, one of the straps on her dress came loose and nearly exposed her. Rightfully shocked, Heigl struggled through the rest of her acceptance speech while Bush helped her.

Lady Gaga - 2011

Lady Gaga was named the 2011 CFDA Awards' Fashion Icon, and she repaid the organisation by flashing her boob on camera.


All eyes were on Demi Lovato at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards not only because she was the host, but also because the “Sorry Not Sorry” songstress gave onlookers an eyeful when she flashed some serious sideboob on the red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence - 2013

JLaw is the queen of the red carpet falls: she’s had over four of them to date. Lawrence first took a tumble accepting the award for best actress at the 2013 Oscars.


Many said Kristen Stewart’s outfit at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards made her look like a knight in shining armor. But it was Stewart’s nipple that flashed before our eyes, not her armor. Stewart suffered a minor nip slip when the white slip beneath her metallic crop top well, slipped, and flashed her nipples

Lenny Kravitz - 2015

Lenny Kravitz may be a style icon, but this wardrobe malfunction was no fashion statement. Kravitz was performing “Fly Away” for fans during his Strut tour when his pants split — right in the crotch. “Do I have any underwear on now? No,” Kravitz told the publication Mr Porter in an interview about the incident, “Thus the problems that I incur.”

Gigi hadid - 2016

Runway models occasionally have to deal with disasters, whether it's tripping on vertiginous heels in front of everyone or accidentally exposing more skin than the designer intended.

Not even Gigi Hadid is immune: While walking in Versace's Fall 2016 show wearing a super-slinky dress her breast fell out of the low-cut top. Nightmare, right?

30. ZENDAYA - 2017

Though it’s fair to say that Zendaya’s wardrobe malfunction would never have happened if it wasn’t for this lucky photographer who caught a rare glimpse of Zendaya’s boob at the Met Gala after-party in 2017.

Kourtney Kardashian - 2018

Sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner met for dinner at celebrity hotspot Craig’s in Los Angeles. Kardashian dressed in a classic LBD with a sheer neckline and sleeves.

One side of Kardashian’s dress fell apart as the two exited the restaurant to reveal black, heart-shaped nipple covers. Kardashian handled the mishap calmly as she walked hand-in-hand in Jenner.

Sophie Turner - 2019

While walking the Emmys red carpet on September 22, 2019, Sophie Turner looked stunning in a blush pink dress. But what was not shown in the pictures is the wardrobe malfunction that Sophie had up until Queer Eye's Tan France came to the rescue. Sophie had a potential malfunction on her dress that needed to be fixed. Using a Tide pen or some sort of glue stick to fix, Tan was seen offering advice to another woman who was working on Sophie's dress.

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