• Les Gazzette


Soft as I remit myself from the coziness,

dunk as I leave the luxury,

It pours.

Pours, pours, pours and pours,

down the concrete,

down the soil

and down the broken soul,

Ironically bringing the frails close.

Touch of sharp ice, halts my feet.

The blessing of the mellow damp tile giving it's grace.

Out my emotion I herald.

Herald to get frenzied of my friend of coffee.

Dissolving the distraughts of life decays the cubes;

Topples the cry,that of the sky,

that of me.

The blow of feather like the calmness sets on me;

The disruptly broken breeze of agony setting on my spirit.

Bob, I move to my balcony,

I see,

No, I gaze, I goggle and I beam-

The swarns of the rain,

The cries of joy,

The instruct of a parent soul calling it's love in,

The rain games at their edge of the seat action,

The street life cuddling, for to stride off the cold.

The dispair serenes like a puddle log after rain.

The ecstasy of rain-

The subtle action of nature,

dissipating a multiverse around me,

teaching me, about me.

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