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By Hrishita Tiwari

Student life is one of the most jovial phases of all. A life where you are not running behind money but your friends, where you get punished for not doing homework unlike later in life where you don't even know for what you are getting penalised. But in the midst of these beautiful happenings, the pressure of academic performance that flourishes in a pupil's mind is terrific. 


  Most of the Indian parents have tagged engineers as the most successful ones, though 80% are out of work. India manufactures about 1.5 million engineers every year. Majority of them are jobless and are underpaid. Its like the parents are absolutely fine with their children being engineers and earning nothing rather than following their passion and getting paid good enough for the same. Well I must say science is one of the most beautiful subjects of all. It symbolises the happenings of world or you can say science is the entire universe clubbed in a book. If you have the feel of the subject you can't switch to another. But today its meaning is limited to taking a B.Tech degree. If you love science you must be seated in the top colleges of India. The horrors of science as a subject to opt for are not untold. From about 12 lakh students appearing for entrance exam, only 1% of them are vouchsafed existence in the prestigious IITs. The rest are kicked out as if this exam was to decide whether they'll continue to live or not. 


The students face a frightful setback when they start up with science in 11th standard when they realize they're simply a machine in which unlimited data is to be fed without the machine getting hanged. And if it does then the student gets hanged, after all no company wants to buy a defective piece. Prior to becoming a 'SCIENCE STUDENT', he/she maybe having dreams of achieving something else other than a B.Tech degree. Taking up science doesn't mean giving up on your dreams. Who said that an engineer cannot make it to the other field. One such example is the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput who was AIEEE rank 7, the Olympiad winner who cleared exams for ISM Dhanbad made it successfully to the TV & Bollywood industry. And not just him there are many more. 


The preparation is not so disgusting but I must say it is no less than a torture. And what makes it even more difficult is the pathetic ways of teaching of the coaching institutes. I mean they've turned the subject's beauty upside down. You are literally told in the coaching that if the IITs don't grant you life in their campus you'll be thrown out from every part of the world. So in this manner students are given quality pressure instead of quality education. Moreover they do not get emotional support from their parents when they fail. 


Well if a student is really willing to go ahead with science these terrors change into fun; obviously no one enjoys what they are forced to do, be it science or something else. But I think it is a fact that I've heard from almost all my batchmates that if ever you try out your hands on science, the number of times you'll face failure will make you feel that you can't even earn a bread daily by yourself. 

As claimed by NCRB 28 suicides by students are reported everyday. That means everyday 28 students are labelled weak minded, coward and all sorts of such locution. 


 I myself being a science student have gone through the extremities of this preparation from measuring the distance between the bed and the fan to adopting the strategies of studies. Honestly pursuing science is not so killing if you find a reason to do it. 

When I say 'suicide with science' I not only mean actual suicide but suicide of one's dreams, suicide of one's enthusiasm to the worldly pleasures. So hereafter, rather than saying '



I believe life is not just 'suicide with science' but 'breathing with dreams'. If the parents could teach their children that even if they earn 100 rupees less and people don't recognize them, they still be following their dreams then their children would be spared from a dreadful sin like suicide

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