• Les Gazzette

By Rhea Christian

As humans we need constant interaction and companionship with other people that is why we mostly rely on various social media platforms to meet new people and interact with them. With the help of social media we discover important information, we can express ourselves and promote awareness on important issues. But where there is light, there is always a shadow and sadly the shadow of the social media affects mental health of the people. They forget that it is a virtual world which helps us to stay connected and they try to merge the real world with the virtual world. By posting every single detail about them. Some people constantly post pictures of their outings or their selfies with friends and some people don't post anything that doesn't mean that nothing is happening in their lives. Maybe the active person on social media might be suffering from depression and loneliness. Maybe that one selfie was selected out of a 100 pictures. Some girls might be starving just to get good comments on their pictures or maybe the couple that seems happy together are just happy in the photo. We cannot predict anything by looking at someone's profile. Maybe the one with less followers is a social butterfly or maybe that person is too busy in his/her real life. Nothing is true on this platform. 

Meeting new people on social media and texting them without even meeting is quite normal these days but social media is the most fake place and some people are not afraid to misuse this platform by creating fake IDs and lying about their age or gender nationality, etc. That is why it is important to ascertain on whom you trust and share your information with because people like these hide behind the IDs. There are many cases where teenagers are tricked into talking to people who are much older than them and then getting kidnapped or blackmailed That is why meet people in real life and check up on them. Some people always try to portray their lives at their best. People believe that if you don't post about it, it is not happening in your life so do not post to prove it.

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