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By Rhea Christian

Bullying can make a person doubt their own self-worth, talents, confidence sometimes it can even lead to depression anxiety and the feeling of being lonely. Some people might ask what is bullying?. Bullying is repeated aggressive behaviour that can be physical,socially or verbally.

The person who bullies often think that they are cool and this will make them popular but they don't understand what words can do to people. People in this century have made the world even more small with technology. Technology means that bullying is not just limited to school yards or parks but it has no limits.Cyberbullying can happen anywhere via texts, emails they can even hack into your social accounts to humiliate you or steal your identity. Cyberbullies can come in all shapes and sizes. They can harrass you by sending some inappropriate pictures or even harass you to send one. Some might even create websites just to target you. But you can always get help by reporting it or by sharing it with your loved ones, during situations like these you will feel lonely but don't let it get to you. 

Some people have already set up a perfect image in their minds about how a person should look. They judge you for being fat , skinny , tall , short , dark. They judge you for being you. But have y'all ever thought that if we all looked the same we would have nothing unique left about our appearances.

Myself being bullied about being fat and dark was really heartbreaking and i ended being anxious around other people. I used to feel that l am lonely and nobody wants to be friends with me because of that one bully. Then l realised that you just need people who love you and cares for you in your life and then you can just see yourself doing wonders.

There are no simple ways to fullproof yourself from a bully or a cyberbully but you have to keep these in mind

  • Do not blame yourself

  • Report it and speak up

  • Inform your parents and friends about it

  • Ignore all nonsense they spoke about you

  • Do not let them control your life

  • Be careful with thom y'all share your personal information online because some people are not afraid to share it

Bullying is now a criminal offence.Spurred by the increasing cases of cyber bullying in India, the Ministry of Women and Child Development has launched a distinct helpline (complaint-mwcd@gov.in) to report cyber bullying, online harassment, and cyber defamation, particularly against women and children

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