• Les Gazzette

The bond shared by siblings is extremely special and unique in their own way. But l would like to share my experience. I am 11 years elder to my sister. My sister unlike me is super active and she is never tired. Before my sister was as born I used to see other siblings who were just 1 or 2 years apart and just admire their understanding and caring nature towards each other and sometimes their quarrels. It made me wonder will l have the same bond with my sibling who is 11 years younger to me?

But now it is all different, l love spending time with her. She is very loving and caring. Whenever l would come home from my classes, tired and weary I would get a warm hug from her. Even though she is young she speaks for me whenever I have quarrels with my mother. Whenever I go out she pesters to come along. Whenever she gets anything to eat she always shares with me and gives me the bigger portion. For her age, she is very understanding whenever my back, aches because the heavyweight bag, she voluntarily massages my back.

Occasionally I used to go to her school to pick her up but in the early day's people didn't know how I was related to her and gave me weird looks which were kind of embarrassing for me

Soon l realised she looks up to me as she would copy me, even the small details which l overlooked. That pushed me to become a better person. She is really a precious blessing to me which helped me a lot. Age difference does make me more motherly than sisterly but at the end of the day, we are siblings.

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