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By Arshia Franklin

Money Heist is one of the best tv shows I’ve watched so far. It is a very well made show with writing at its peak. The character development is fantastically detailed and yet so subtle because you wont get to know their real names. The plot twists are amazing and one of the best part about these heists is that the professor is prepared for every situation and has worked everything out beforehand.

In season 1 all the eight robbers that were chosen for the heist were taken to an isolated villa where for five months they would plan the heist. The professor asks each of the robbers to choose a city name to use as a code-name during the robbery. And one of the reasons for t

that was because the most important principle set by the professor was NO PERSONAL


The main characters are-

The professor, he is the main character as he’s the mastermind of the heists.

Berlin, he was a jewel theif and was the professors’ second-in-command.

Raquel Murillo, she’s shown as an inspector of the National Police Corps who is put in charge of the case until she falls in love with the professor and joins the group in season 3.

Nairobi, she was a robber and drug dealer and her plan was to use the money she made from the robberies to give her son a life that came with financial freedom.

Denver, he’s portrayed as a hot headed guy and one of the robbers participating in the heist along with his father Moscow.

Moscow, he was a robber and miner, we also see that he is not afraid to voice the truth and his opinions when he needs to, He plays a sort of fatherly figure for not only Denver, but also Rio and Tokyo.

Tokyo, is a thief on the run from the police after a failed robbery in which her boyfriend was killed. She was hired by the professor to help in carrying out a heist.

Rio, he is an expert hacker who participated in the Royal Mint of Spain heist.

Helsinki and Oslo are brothers, they’re veteran Serbian soldiers who are used to taking orders and carrying out the heavy lifting during heists.

It’s a series filled with mind games and shows how emotions and what you want can’t go hand in hand. The plot twists are unbelievable and the plans made by the professor for every situation is something out of the box.

Eventhough it’s about a heist, the writer has well played with the viewers that you will automatically hate anyone who tries to stop or jeopardise their whole plan, eventhough they’re robbers you will still feel them and pitty them. It just gets better and better! Every season has its own uniqueness in it.

Don’t worry I won’t give any spoilers, but i would definitely recommend you to watch it and I’m sure it won’t disappoint you!

All the money heist fans are eagerly waiting for season 5...and even you will after watching it.

Bella Ciao.

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