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By Rhea Christian

Coronavirus has caused a nationwide lockdown forcing institutions and universities to stop their academic activities. Most of the institutions have initiated online classes to finish the student's syllabus. 

This pandemic has put a full stop on everybody's lives. Students who have completed their graduation might be in a constant fear due to uncertainty of jobs due to this pandemic. The whole exam cycle has been disrupted. All the entrance exams and competitive exams which would have happened by the month of May have been postponed and the dates are not yet fixed.

Due to lockdown students who come to study from different regions have been sent back to their hometown where there might be non availability of high internet speed which puts them at a disadvantage. 

There is very less scope of interaction between the teachers and the students in online lectures as compared to the traditional classrooms. The primary point of view of a traditional classroom is that it increases a child's ability. There are some students who don't understand a concept over the online lecture but they are too shy to ask. Some use their phones while the teachers are teaching and ending up all confused in the concept.

It is already the Month of July and the New Year will come in no time, the competitive and entrance exams will resume like before because of this some students are really stressing over the completion of their syllabus and their future. 

As a 12th class student l never really liked online lectures because my teachers used to make out if we understood the concept by just looking at our faces. Sitting in one place staring at a screen for a long time has been difficult especially with the erratic internet connection. Sometimes it is a little bit difficult to understand the concepts through the virtual classrooms. It is quite different when you sit in front of your teacher attentively and try to grasp the knowledge but at home to loose that same attentiveness is quite simple, even a notification on your phone can make you loose it. No one knows when this pandemic will end but the silver lining is that we all are connected with help of technology and we can communicate easily

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