• Les Gazzette

By Deshna Parekh

We possess various powers that we are unaware of. One of these is the power of thought.

Yes, our thoughts are powerful. They are magical. When you try to imagine a character from a book, from the descriptions you find, your mind travels to all the faces you've ever seen (and even to faces you've never seen), and finds that character you're looking for. Our thoughts are like vehicles that travel to the edges of the world, ships that travel beyond the seas, our thoughts take us beyond this world.

I have been reading a book and found one line that has changed me. It goes like this- "Whatever an enemy may do to an enemy, whatever a hater may do to a hater, the harm caused by a misdirected mind is even greater." It reminds me of the importance of thinking of people with affection and love. Because when we think of someone with hatred and anger, not only do we harm ourselves but also those around us.

Nature has made us unlike any animal, by giving us the power of thought. So, we must use it for the greater good. We must use these thoughts to find ways to make this world a better place. Find innovative solutions to the never-ending problems that plague this world. So yes, our thoughts have powers in them- the power to change the world.

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