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By Thuhin vikram

Every Superhero deserves a story to be told. Like how he got his powers, the choices he made amp; how he became the HERO he is. Here is how every superhero origin stories are crafted.

A superhero is a character who has abilities beyond those possessed by ordinary people.

Superheroes come from a wide array of origins. They are the people who choose the path to fight the EVIL amp; protect their community, family, their neighborhood or the planet itself. Though they become a superhero due to their qualities, desire or ideology; their ORIGIN defines them as a SYMBOL to their


A Superhero has two parts: the Superamp the hero part. The super part comes from how the character gets the abilities and the hero part joins later. The incident which gives powers doesn't have to make them the hero instantly, instead, it can simply inspire them through their ideas. An origin needs to clearly spell out why someone would choose to be amp; remain a hero. An origin might be any of these.


Trauma, it is the pain both mentally & physically the character went through.

Bruce Waynes origin is about the loss of his parents who were gunned down by a street thug and the trauma he went through as a child. He had found meaning in his pain which helped him turn into the Capped Crusader who fights the mobs of Gotham. Logan, abided a great amount of pain to become a living weapon which played a catalyst to transform him into a hero. These characters went through pain or loss which brings out the hero in them.


They are the chosen ones. They are destined to play their role in the world protecting lives,

serving the planet. For instance, Steve Rogers was chosen for the Super-soldier program. But in his case he already had the hero in him; the super part joined later. A more accurate representation would be that of Superman a.k.a Kal-el.


The case of a bullied high school student getting bitten by a radioactive spider, or Barry Allen getting randomly struck by lightning and bathed in a chemical pool is just LUCK. Spider-man initially used his powers to earn money. But when Uncle Ben died, he did not

hesitate to catch the murderer with his skills. There might have not been any reason for him to fight crimes but because of the famous twist: that criminal wasnt just a random guy. He was the same person Peter intentionally failed to stop earlier that day. Because of this Spidey learned that quot;From great power, comes great responsibilities.quot; Now that is when he became a HERO. Origin stories are always great. These stories make people love the character amp; believe in them. This would be the story that I would love to read or watch.

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