• Les Gazzette

By Arjun.clc

Fallen angel she is


right from the lap of the holy will

fallen on the blissful hands of nature.

Her drapes beautifully made up of feathers

her hair braided into free, loose curtains

Her smile,silken and sweet, a majestic tremor

(Something the earthlings ain't ever seen).

Water into ice and the 

wild into mushy.

Fire into snow and the

coward into gutsy.

Brown into green and the 

hateful into lovely.

The odetta was making a haven of their home

(A dream of the animals)

She walks

the sorrow flees.

She talks 

the evil dies.

She dances

the rain bellows

She sings 

God, oh! 

Even the fearful Satan listens, mesmerized.

The moon ,it bows to her charm.

The dolphins swirl around her feet.

The sparrows praise her with hymns.

The peacocks, the mynas, the stars and the bees, 

Oh! the whole world seeks her divine blessing.

She smiles,

she smiles,

she smiles,

and forever she smiles,

placing hope in the hearts of the lost

feeding love to the minds of the doomed

Oh! Our divine savior...

This is our ode.

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