• Les Gazzette

By Nishtha Bhasin

The new normal is here at last ,

might took quite long but back with a blast

With changes in hand and hurdles to pass

We came back together in the same class

Social distancing and self quarantine

maintain proper distance while standing in a line

Is all that we've heard in the past few months

And now comes the time to revise them once

Several family times and running home errands

Is all that we want for a fresh start

The two hours we spent on ourselves this quarantine

I hope we could manage that once all of this is fine

Gone are the days of depending on others

It's all about how we can clear the clutter

With no maids and servants working at the house

The lazy ones enjoyed it instead of hiding like a mouse

With schools simplifying the studies this time

And children getting time to expand their minds

From boring lectures to an interactive class,

I hope the learning improves as we pass

Laptop,computers and mobile phone calls

I hope that lives could resort with this all

With less of movement across the town

To lower the emissions from those cars

To breathe the air as fresh as now

To see the blue sky with no dust around

To enjoy the cool little breeze,

While hearing to those buzzing bees

Busy schedules and a long to-do list

With life this time we need to take a risk

A risk for the class,a risk for the formal

A risk to live life with the new normal

-Nishtha Bhasin

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