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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

By Mehek Shaikh

In the end of 2019, a new type of virus began making people sick with flu-like symptoms. This illness came to be known as Coronavirus or COVID-19. This virus has already caused a lot of deaths all over the world. Strict actions have been taken by WHO. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 as a 'global emergency'.

The hospital staff has been working day in and day out treating the patients affected by this virus. We had the opportunity to interview Megha Gaikwad who works as a nurse at the Sasoon Hospital. When asked about her career, she said "I have dedicated my life to serve the sick people. I worked at an orphanage for six years. I was a nurse at the G.T hospital, Mumbai. In 2006, I moved to pune and have been working at Sasoon ever since."

As the number of patients suspected are alot, the hospital has taken precautionary measures for the staff working in the Corona wards. She said, "The staff in the COVID-19 wards are provided with proper PPE. They are given HCQS as a precautionary medicine because it has shown significant improvement in some parameters in patients suffering from this disease." When asked about the shift dusties, she said that the staff has a 6 hour duty everyday and are currently living at a hotel nearby. Each person has 14 days of duty and then are quarantined for the next 14 days. They are discharged only if tested negative for COVID-19.

Washing our hands with soap nearly 4-5 times a day, sanitizing frequently, washing fruits and vegetables with warm water before consuming and social distancing is the advice given by her to prevent coronavirus. She said, and I quote, "This is a very stressful, scary and difficult situation for all of us but its best not to panic and keep ourselves and our surroundings clean and hygienic." She also said that the actions taken by the government are absolutely right. The lockdown has helped controlling over 70% of the cases.

All the hospital staff, policemen and the social workers have been constantly working for the betterment of the people even during this world pandemic. It is very necessary for us to maintain peace and cooperate with them. We salute all the health care workers, essential workers and the government for the actions that have been taken in order to minimize the effect of this virus.

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