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By Rhea Christian

Nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. According to me nepotism doesn't start in workplace but it starts where your values and morals are moulded, School. There is always a student who shines bright in the eyes of the teacher but when that student forgets to submit assignments or homework on time that student gets away with it, some might say it is called favouritism, but favouritism is a synonym of nepotism. And the others who see all this feel helpless and depressed, very soon that feeling starts growing and it becomes quite normal for that person to feel that way.

The ones who are on top of the pyramid in a particular field influence a lot of people as they decide their careers. Recently, Sushant Singh Rajput, a bollywood actor committed suicide due to nepotism in the Bollywood Industry which raised a lot of questions against the industry. Celebrities like Kangana Ranaut made a video reviling the truth about the industry. Nepotism is very common not only in the acting industry but in any other occupation. Some people get opportunities even if they don't have suitable merits just because they are on good terms with the powerful people in the field. 

Due to favouritism the privileged get more privileges with less hardwork and the deserving people's growth is stunted and they are always behind them even though they work harder than them. Nepotism is a type of discrimination and you can seek help legally. I feel it’s a two-edged sword so the one who is effected goes into depression and feels helpless but the one who is favoured never gets an opportunity to explore their strength or develop their skills and they always stand the chance of being criticised even if they are truly talented sometimes they even feel lonely because the employees ignores them if they feel he/she is being favoured.

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