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By Arshia Franklin

Who said that only a person who gives birth to a child is called a mother?

Single dads, Grandparents, Nannies and even LGBT couples(mainly same-sex couples) like gay dads and even transgenders play a role of being a mother to their children or grandchildren.

Being a mother is more than a memory but is a living presence. Your mother is always there for you. She’s the map you follow with every step you take. She’s the smell of certain foods you remember, she’s the cool hand on your forehead when you’re not feeling well.

Your mother lives inside your laughter.

A mother shows every emotion...happiness,sadness,love,fear,anger,

jealousy,joy,sorrow,excitement and prays that you’ll know only the good feelings in life.

Mothers are the emotional backbone of the family, they support everyones’ feelings in a family. They have a forgiving nature so even your wrongdoings can be shared with them as they can be trusted blindly.

In many families both the parents are working and their child stays with their grandparents and they make sure that they mould their grandchild into a very good and loving human. They share stories about their children (i.e. the childs’ parents) so that they know how their parents were during their growing stage. They correct you when you go wrong , at times their way of correcting you might be wrong and might hurt you but whatever they say or do is for you to learn from your mistakes and become a better person in life.

Talking about gay dads, transgenders and single parents...they play a fantastic role of being a mother because being a mother doesn’t mean that you’re a female, it basicly means that you give birth to a child and love it with all your heart and shape him/her into a gentleman/lady, who is ethical , selfless,helpful and has a good nature and therefore prepare him/her to step out of their shell and face the real world.

In an orphanage, the nannies are the mothers to the orphan , the children look upto them and are taken care completely by them , they call their nannies as ‘maa’ or ‘mom’ or even ‘aai’. All the kids and workers in that orphanage are like one family to them.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how old she is, treasure your mom. You’ll never have another one.

She is your first love, first friend and even your first enemy but nothing on earth can separate you.

Not time, not space....not even death.

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