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By Arshia Franklin

It’s a very very complicated word, trust me, but every individual has their own definition of love which is derived from their personal experiences. So I’m going to talk about my experience with love.

In my opinion, love is of various kinds like parental love or the bond and love that siblings share but im going to talk about how you love another individual (not someone from your family) and gender doesn’t matter.

Love is a feeling which is very complex in nature it’s a mixture of emotions, affection, care, warmth, respect, trust, etc. when you say that you’re in love with someone it means that you’re attracted to him/her not only by looks, you strongly feel a connection with that person and you suddenly start feeling complete and you accept them for who they are. You’re going to trust, have faith in that person and when things don’t workout you’ll have to handle it in a matured way.

There’s no limit to loving someone, you’re going to love them no matter what it takes but keeping in mind your SELF RESPECT and SANITY and make sure that you are never taken for granted.

If you feel someone’s turning toxic for you, you should know that you have to be practical enough to leave them and everything that’s related to them because no matter what you can’t change someone and expect them to keep up with your expectations irrespective of how hard you try.

You’ll see people say that they don’t believe in love or love doesn’t exist... they believe that because of their past experiences but that’s not true, love exists, yeah it does, it’s just that you need to be with the right person, to be treated right. You cannot give up on love just because you dated a wrong guy/girl.

Nowadays, whatever I said earlier about love is highly misunderstood with lust, OUR generation thinks lust is love...they think love is all about getting physical, having sex , there’s no commitment.

But that’s not how it works! You need to be mentally attached, be there for eachother through all the ups and downs, emotionally support them, be understanding and most importantly be loyal.

People fail to understand that if being physical is important then being mentally attached is also equally important …and if you’re in a relationship it doesn’t mean that you have the right to do whatever you want and you cant expect things to go your way always because both the partners play a 50-50 role in a relationship , you need to respect your other half, give them their space, don’t let your habit of overthinking ruin things, talk it out and give them their time and space because in the end everything will eventually fall into place.

Most importantly, don’t let anyone make you doubt your worth. LOVE YOURSELF, because how you love yourself is how you let others love you.

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