• Les Gazzette

By Mehek Shaikh

What is love? 

"Pyaar kya hai?"

Like Rahul said, "Pyaar dosti hai." The first step towards finding love is friendship! 

Forget friendship, Tanya never thought that Varun would even talk to her. He was goofy, outgoing and kind of dumb. Whereas, she was the sincere kid who just sat in a corner and never really interacted with anyone. She always knew that she liked him but also knew that he was way too out of her league so she kept denying the fact that she was SOOO into him! 

Out of the blue, he initiated a conversation. She was blank. She didnt know what to say or how to react. So, she just kept smiling without uttering a single word. He kept talking and talking and she just sat there smiling! After a point of time, their teacher had to kick him out of the class because he wouldn't stop talking. And this is how the journey of their friendship started! 

He would go to her class everyday and she would find reasons to cross his classroom just to look at him. I know, sounds cliché and old school because thats what it was. They would talk to each other about everything. They used to eat lunch together at school and make fun of each other during the assembly and just kept staring at each other during games. It was like he was giving her signs and signals that he liked her until, HE STARTED DATING...SOMEONE ELSE! Tanya was so devastated and annoyed. She started avoiding him. But he kept going to her class, trying to talk to her because thats what friends do. She had accepted the fact that they were just friends. But all their friends and classmates started spreading rumours that they liked each other. And believe it or not, but Varun's girlfriend broke up with him because of the silly rumours! Tanya was super worried as she didn't want Varun to get upset. But to her surprise he was absolutely ok with it. He didnt even deny the rumours! But suddenly, he starting ignoring her. And Tanya being a crybaby, cried her eyes out and started over thinking. "Is this a payback for when I was ignoring him? Or is it because of the rumours?" She tried distracting herself but the thought of her friendship ending with Varun kept crossing her mind. She tried clearing the air but he wouldn't even look at her. She finally decided to cut him off from her life as she had lost all hopes. After a few days, Varun approached her. He said, "There's something that I need to tell you". She asked, "What? The reason why you were ignoring me since 3 days?" "No" he said. "Something really very important". Tanya had never seen Varun so determined yet nervous at the same time. He kept saying "I want to tell you something" for almost 10 minutes.

Finally, he stuttered, "I like you". Tanya wasn't sure if she heard it right. He said it again. "I really like you Tanya". And everything he said after that was pretty much a blur for her as she was on the top of the world. At this moment she knew what being on cloud nine actually meant. In this moment she knew that their friendship was the beginning of one of the best love stories she'll ever have!

I'm sure almost all of us have been in Varun and Tanya's shoes when in highschool. Highschool love might not be our last love but it's our first. And firsts are always special! We might find it all cliché and cringe right now but as we grow old these are the stories we would be telling our children and grandchildren because accept it or not, they always have a very special place in your heart. 

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