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By Mehek Shaikh

Varun and Tanya were now in a relationship. The first year was the best year of Tanya's life. They would meet each other after school and call each other everyday. They would talk for hours and hours on calls and texts. They spent days making a bucket list for their vacations.  But as they passed out of school, things started getting messier. They no longer had that one common place to meet. They couldn't call each other as their parents were strict. But still they managed to talk for at least 15 minutes every alternate day. Tanya used to desperately wait for those 15 minutes all day long. That was the only time of the day where she could express herself and actually feel like she was being heard. For those few minutes she felt genuinely happy.

But as the days passed, alternate days turned into once a week then once a month and it had reached this point where they couldn't even talk to each other anymore. They spent months just wondering if the other person was fine. They would stare at pictures of each other because that was the closest thing they had to being connected with each other. People say, when communication fades away love starts fading too. And this is exactly what happened.

No matter how bad he didn't want to but Varun knew in his heart that this relationship was going nowhere. No matter how much he loved Tanya, he knew that this wasn't going to last.

10 days before Tanya's birthday, Varun called her. For ONE LAST TIME. He said "I don't feel the same anymore". Tanya was blank. Again, everything he said after that was pretty much a blur for her. And this time she knew exactly what the opposite of 'being on cloud 9' meant.

It was like someone just took away those 15 minutes of happiness from her life. She knew she felt the same that Varun was feeling but she kept denying the facts. She didn't want to give up on them. She was willing to do anything she could to save their relationship. But there was nothing she could do. No matter how much she loved him, it wasn't going to make him stay. If a person has decided they don't want us in their lives, there's nothing we can do to fix it. She felt lonely, unwanted and hurt. To this point where she didn't know how to feel anymore. She was numb. The next 15 days she acted out. She kept calling Varun and no matter how much it hurt him, he had to shut her for her own good. She didn't know what to do.

One day she was fine and the other she felt like someone just took away a piece of her heart. Everyone said, you need to think about all the bad memories and why was it a bad idea being in that relationship. She did. She tried everything she could. She recalled all the bad parts but there was nothing that would make her hate Varun. Because the two years that she had spent with him were so far the best years of her life. Tanya was in denial. She didn't want to face the reality. But she knew that she had to.

As Tanya sat on her couch thinking about those two years of her life, something hit her. She remembered the very first conversation she had with Varun when they started dating. Even before she told him that she loved him, she had told him and I quote, "Varun just promise me that if you ever start losing feelings for me you'll tell me. Because you pretending to love me is going to hurt me more." And that's exactly what he did. He didn't give her false hope. And at this point, she realized that their relationship wasn't over. It was complete. Because some things are not meant forever.

Naina said in YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI, "Jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch toh chutega hi. Isliye yahin, iss pal ka maza lete hai." And thats how life is. No matter how hard you try, you can't have everything. So, live in the moment and when that moment ends, don't regret anything. Most importantly accept that the moment has ended. According to me, don't try to hate your ex. In fact, cherish all the good memories y'all have together without wanting to go back. Live your life. Live your moment. Because nothing lasts forever.

When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure

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