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By Rhea Christian

Parents are the first teacher and first friends of their children. Their presence makes them feel safe and secured. As a child grows up parents adapt different parenting skills to match their child's requirements. Each and everyone has an inbuilt fear of their parents. As a teenager, we all have that "rebellious phase" in our lives where we assume that nothing goes our way. We act different than usual.


We all make mistakes but to own up that misstep is a lot harder, the very first thought that comes to our minds, "My parents will kill me." I mean, why is that our first thought instead of asking them for their guidance? I personally feel its the memories of being scolded for little things bother us and make us think thrice before sharing. 

According to me, parents should understand that explaining certain things after arguments is not called back answering. For example, when we show them a particular picture on our phones and when they start swiping further, we pull our phones . Not because we are hiding something but because we don't prefer them to go through our phones. We want them to respect our space and privacy.

Arguments on these minor topics somehow start creating a wall which distances children from their parents. In today's time, parents call themselves their child's friend but still as children we have a certain fear of sharing things with them. We, as children, are afraid of our secret getting out. When we tell our parents something we expect them to guide us, help us get through the situation but most of the times even our parents are clueless and prefer talking to a friend or a family member about our problem. This makes the child feel that his parent doesn't understand what he's going through. The fear of their reaction always holds them back from sharing anything.

Parents, as a teenager I want to let y'all know that, the only response we want from you is no matter what we do, you always love us and be there for us. Help us deal with the situation. Tell us that "no matter what happens, we get through it. Together." All we ever want to do is make you proud and love you. And all we want is for y'all to love us. ALWAYS

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