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By Saniya Somji

The best gift you can ever give yourself is the gift of letting go.

Let go off your ego, go ahead and talk to the boy who gives you butterflies in your stomach. Go ahead and fix things with your best friend because no fight is bigger than the love you share with them. Go ahead and tell your parents you love them, they might not wake up tomorrow.

Let go off the hatred, forgive them. Not because they deserve it but because you do. You

deserve peace. You deserve the happiness of finally letting the grudges go. Make more place for the good things in life. Forgive, because it's not worth holding on to the baggage.

Let go off anger, don’t let petty things ruin something that is beautiful, something that means a lot to you. Don't let five minutes of anger ruin something that might not even be relevant in five years. Let go off your anger for your mind deserves peace.

Let go off your sadness. They hurt you and broke you down. Wallow but once you're done make sure you put your head up high and never cry for that same reason over and over again. Be so strong that no one can break you. Let go off your sadness for you deserve to move on and experience new things without the past hovering over your head, waiting for you to be vulnerable and break you.

Let go off your fear, One bad experience doesn’t mean you will never feel happinessyou once felt. One bad memory doesn’t mean that all your good memories are irrelevant. One bad relationship doesn't rule out the possibility of finding love again. One bad day doesn’t ruin the one life you have. One dark night doesn’t mean you will never see the light again.

Let go off your insecurities, You can do it. You got this. Don’t let the feeling of “not being good enough” hold you back. Welcome new opportunities and give yourself another chance. Love with all your heart, forgive because you deserve the peace, be happy because a minute spent sad is sixty beautiful seconds lost. Hundreds of people might come and go but none of them is worth being sad over. Live. Not for them but for yourself. Set yourself free, love yourself and most importantly let go off everything that is holding you back.

Let go.

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