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By Mehek Shaikh

Each one of us have different memories of high school. Some remember it as the best part of their lives. They made friends, met their soulmates, went to parties and sleepovers, played on school teams. They take a trip down the memory lane with no regrets. Whereas, for most of us high school was like a roller coaster of embarrassment, hardcore crushes, trying to fit in, the worst relationships and betrayal.

"The saddest part about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies." 

Usually, high school students go through betrayal in the worst ways. Their boyfriend cheating on them with their best friend or their friends spreading rumors about them. From their boyfriend sending their 'private' pictures to the whole class to their bestie doing something to wreck their happy and healthy relationship. They have seen it all.

Not only peers but betrayal can also come from their teachers. Some students are so close to their teachers or counselors that they share each and every thing with them. They trust them. Confide in them. And all they get in return is BETRAYAL. They sabotage the lives of the students who did nothing but trusted them with their secrets.  Such kind of betrayal leaves a very strong impact on the teenagers. They try to forgive, but they can't. They try to forget, but they cannot. They feel anguished. Nothing can take that pain away. 

But, coping with the sting of betrayal is very important. Dodinsky once said, "They can betray me but I choose not to betray my peace of mind". The easiest and the most affective way of coping up with betrayal is to 'forgive'. Forgiveness is the key to your inner peace. It is not easy but is best that we erase the imprints of betrayal and move on.  High school teaches us a lot of morals and values though the ways of it might not always be congenial. 

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