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Students who are done with their boards might be confused to choose a field so here is an interview of: Prof. Prabha Kasliwal. Dean, School of Humanities and Engineering sciences, Admission Officer, MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi Road, Pune. MIT Academy of Engineering is only the third institute in Pune that has been bestowed with ‘academic autonomy’ by the University Grants Commission (UGC). It is an autonomous institute affiliated to Savitribai Pule University. It is also given NBA Accreditation to all branches, ‘A’ Grade by NAAC and the 2(F)& 12(B) status from the UGC. It has Education 4.0 and Industry 4.0 oriented curriculum with emphasis on creativity, problem solving skills and project based learning. It also has credit based industry internship.

1● How to pursue Engineering?

" To pursue engineering, student should pass XIIth examination in English with minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Further, the candidate is also required to have a valid score in MHT – CET / JEE (Main)."

2● What do they teach in Engineering?

" Today engineering students are also taught psychology, sociology, engineer economics along with the technical skills. Engineering is learnt by doing and it is mostly practical based approach and not theoretical approach. Mostly the curriculum of autonomous colleges is industry oriented i.e it keeps changing so that whatever is the industry requirements are it is incorparated and the curriculum is modified."

3● In this pandemic how does MIT college keeping up with the students education?

" In this pandemic we have not stopped the education. We have go to webinars that are very interactive as the students participate in the live lectures by asking queries. We have a very important system in our college which is LMS ( Learning Management System ) MOODLE, which actually helps us in keeping the track of the students progress, we give them assignments, they are notified time to time. All the notes are available on LMS so that the student knows what is the syllabus. They can also take up live quizzes and all the teachers are available on LMS."

4● What is the scope of this field?

" Engineering is basically graduation because it is more related to professional and technical skills and every industry requires graduates who have the knowledge of technical skills that is why job scope for engineers is very good. In engineering they teach technical skills as well as life skills. Today's world requires both technical and professional skills. All society related issues are taken up by engineering students comes under problem solving skills. Problem solving skills actually helps them in developing a product and be innovative. Because of these skills they are mostly entrepreneurs. They tend to come up with new innovative ideas which are useful for the society. They have future of going into higher educations like the Ms program and M.tech program (GATE applicable). They can go into fields like Data scientist, Robotics, Business Analytics and Data Analytics."

5● Would you like to give any tips or advice to students?

" In any part of education it is more about being committed to the work time. You have to be a good observer and innovative. You should explore. These are the the features that is must for engineering. Only the initial breakthrough is important and it is possible only through consistent studies and being alert."


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