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By Mahek Agarwal

Within each one of us lies capability, strength, power, will, and the desire to hold everything together, create a life, and lead our future with full confidence. The International Girl Child Day, 11th October, is celebrated with the motive to encourage young women to come forward and be aware of their rights. In a country like India, where about 550,000 girls have gone 'missing' since 2014 due to sex-selective abortion and other forms of prenatal sex, the security of a girl child's human rights needs to be considered seriously. 

The reality is, urban families are encouraging girls to advance and be self-dependent but at the same time, rural girls have no access to resources. Even when government schools are providing education, there are only 1 out of 10 girls who get the chance to study after class 10. 

Girls all around the world are breaking barriers, leading a generation of activists accelerating toward change. Still, they're the most threatened species. Why do I believe this? Each day hundreds of young girls suffer through domestic violence and the rapidly growing rape cases offend every woman in the world. We cannot all succeed, if half of us are held back. There is a need to focus more on a girl's right to speak up, to obtain education, to marry at her own will after reaching the legal age, and live liberated of sexism and the atrocities of a patriarchal society. Denying these fundamental liberties is equivalent to caging them, as life can be only lived on the principle of freedom.

Breaking away from all stereotypes and prejudices help the world to take a step towards a better era, a time without limitations to one's capabilities. No judgments, no sexist comments, whatsoever.

Only by ensuring the rights of women and girls across all the aims, we will be able to provide justice and inclusion to all, within all economies.

Ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls is not only a basic human right, but it also has a multiplier effect across all other development areas. 


Stand for the girl child. Embrace her.

One voice helps our entire future.

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