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By Vaishnavi Warrier

I don’t understand the distaste some people show for bad or ‘messy’ handwriting. Some people make it a point to badger those with messy handwriting into changing it to an artificial one. My handwriting is messy. Though in my case, one can understand the letters and words that have been written, but in general, it doesn’t really follow the neat approach. I make it a point to change it for school purposes.

For people who note things down in a bad or messy handwriting, it is said that their pen cannot keep up with their brain. Their mind is working so fast; even before the juice is ready, more cane is pushed through the grinder. Our brains are full of ideas. And sometimes people are in a rush to put it on paper because they exist in abundance. For that reason, what comes out can be crooked. Having no particular routine for one’s handwriting is what makes it individualistic. It is what makes it stand out.

It is time that we start to accept messy handwriting. And if one cannot understand it, one can always ask. Let us not make it a point to ridicule people who are different from us. Picture Beethoven, for example. Beethoven is known to have messy handwriting. If Beethoven’s parents and teachers reprimanded him for poor penmanship, history would have been missing out on someone legendary!

Even though all of us are taught to write our alphabets the same way in the early stages of school, it is wonderful to know that everyone develops their own style of writing over time.

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